Decision Number: 2017/10972 O.J. dated 08.11.2017 and numbered 30234



ARTICLE 1- (1) This decision covers the procedures and principles in relation to the safeguard measures taken as a result of the investigation executed in polyethylene terephthalate (PET) imports, within the framework of Agreement on Safeguards, contained in Annex 1A of Agreement Establishing the WTO, approved by the Decision of the Cabinet of Ministers, dated 3/2/1995 and numbered 95/6525, and of Decision on Protection Measures in Import, put into effect with the Decision of the Cabinet of Ministers dated 10/5/2004 and numbered 2004/7305.


Protection measure

ARTICLE 2- (1) Additional financial obligation shall be applied as a safeguard measure with the period of 3 (three) years in the importation of the goods with 3907. Customs Tariff Statistics Position as indicated below.



HS CODE EFINITION OF THE GOODS 1 st Period 2 st Period 3 st Period

Ones with a viscosity of  78 ml/g or more

(08/11/2017 - 07/11/2018)

6.40% CIF

(08/11/2018 - 07/11/2019)

6.20% CIF

(08/11/2019 - 07/11/2020)

6.00% CIF


Collection of additional financial obligation

ARTICLE 3- (1) Additional financial obligation value shall be collected by customs administrations, separate from the customs taxes and other financial liabilities, and recorded as revenue in the general budget.

                      (2) The provisions of Law on Collection Procedures of Assets, dated 21/7/1953 and numbered 6183, shall be applied in the collection of additional financial obligation.



Tariff Quota

ARTICLE 4- (1) Tariff Quota has been opened with the aim of excluding the implementation of safeguard measures for the import of goods originated from the countries and customs regions listed in the annex of this Decision. Tariff quota amount has been determined as a total of 6.995 ton per each period. However, tariff quota cannot exceed 2.332 ton in one period per one origin.

                    (2) Imports within the scope of tariff quota can only be made with the import license to be issued by the Ministry of Economy (General Directorate of Import). The import license is required by the relevant customs authority in the registration of the customs declaration.

                         (3) Procedures and principles in relation to the implementation of tariff quota are determined by communiqués to be published by the Ministry of Economy.


Other Legislation

ARTICLE 5- (1) The provisions of the Customs Law, dated 27/10/1999 and numbered 4458, and other customs legislations regarding the registration, realization, collection, returning, following and binding of customs taxes are also valid for additional financial obligation.

                 (2) Without prejudice to other legislation provisions, two fold fines of additional financial obligation is imposed to those who carry out their transactions without fulfilling their additional financial obligation liabilities, within the scope of Law on Regulation of Foreign Trade dated 2/2/1984 and numbered 2976.



ARTICLE 6- (1) This decision shall enter into force on 8/11/2017.



ARTICLE 7- (1) Provisions of this decision are executed by the Ministry of Economy.




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